Boston, MA: Logan International Airport - Wahlburgers

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

WahlburgersMy flight out of Boston back to Pittsburgh was really early in the morning, but that wasn't going to stop me from finding something delicious to eat. As I looked around to see what was in my terminal, I decided that Wahlburgers would be my best bet for something that wasn't a HUGE chain.

Paul Wahlberg still remembers the smell of his Dad’s BBQ grill
and the big pot he used to fry up their homemade French fries.
It’s the casual comfort food from his childhood that he still loves best.
In hopes of sharing some of these favorite recipes, Paul got together
with his family and partners to create a comfortable, friendly restaurant
that would appeal to every generation. Of course, one of his favorite foods
has always been burgers and there are plenty of them at Wahlburgers
along with a few creative spins on fun side dishes from his past.
Our chef-inspired menu offers delicious burgers
and so much more made with only fresh ground beef,
high-quality ingredients and lots of love.
WahlburgersSo, I found the bright green chairs and was seated for breakfast. I didn't get to try an actual burger, so I went for the next best thing: a breakfast sandwich with two eggs, government cheese, housemade tomato jam, with sausage. I also got a side of tater tots because, I dunno, why not?

So, this sandwich was just OK. My biggest problem is the bun is SO light and fluffy, it just gets completely soggy. The tomato jam became the remnants of some tomato-based sauce that just soaked up in the bun. So, definitely a lack of flavor and some texture issues. Tough to say if their burgers would be better - but if they are using this same bun, it can't be that great.

WahlburgersGrade: C

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