Beckley Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World - Eisenhower Drive

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tudors - Beckley, Eisenhower Drive

Another Tudor's update? Yes, I have like 20 more to visit. I can say, though, that the Beckley Tudor's on Eisenhower Drive is unique. It's not a standalone location, rather it's part of a plaza. And the drive-thru is located to the right of the building.

Tudors - Beckley, Eisenhower Drive

Why does my photo look like this? No clue, sometimes my phone decides to take the photo .2 seconds AFTER I hit the button. Who knows. OK, the next biscuit on my list was the Rocket, which is steak, egg, cheese and hash brown on a biscuit. 

Tudors - Beckley, Eisenhower Drive

To be honest, I wasn't super excited about this. I've already determined I prefer my hash brown on the side. BUT, I'm glad I tried this because it has shot up to one of my favorites. First of all, the steak is more like a chicken-fried steak, so that was delicious. And the hashbrown stayed crispy here! I'm a big fan. V tasty.

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