Parkersburg Edition: Wicked Lobstah

By Candace Nelson - 6:13 PM

Wicked Lobstah

It's not every day you see a lobster roll in West Virginia - much less a lobster food truck in Parkersburg.

Wicked Lobstah

The Wicked Lobstah, based in Ohio, ventured to Parkersburg recently to dish out their coveted lobster rolls, and I made the trip solely to get my mitts on one.

Wicked Lobstah

And, I don't think I was the only one. You can actually order in advance via their website, and when I went to place my order - they were already filled up for hours. I picked the first slot I saw and placed my order for the "High Society Roll," which is warm buttered lobster with black & white truffle mayo on a toasted bun. For $24.

Wicked Lobstah

They parked just outside of Parkersburg Brewing Company, so there was plenty of street parking. And, as soon as I gave them my name, my order was out to me within a minute or two. I took it back to my car - a cool, but sunny fall day - and dug in. I LOVE a good lobster roll. And, this was a pretty good lobster roll. It's not *too* far from the classic with a lot of extraneous ingredients - but who doesn't love truffle topping on everything? Not only do I love that this is something I can get locally, but it really is decent quality, too. 

Grade: A

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