Scott Depot Edition: Gino's Pizza & Spaghetti House

By Candace Nelson - 8:21 PM

Ginos - Scott Depot

I gotta say, when Gino's nails it, they really nail it. One of my favorite items of theirs is the calzone - when it's done right. And Scott Depot did it right. 

Ginos - Scott Depot

I put in an order for a calzone with cheese and mushrooms, and as soon as they slid the box out of the drive-thru window, I could smell fresh bread. That was a lovely first sign. The bottom was a bit greasy, but the interior was full of stringy cheese, marinara and mushrooms. I wouldn't have hated some extra sauce on the side to enjoy those bready edges with. But a quick, tasty lunch nonetheless. 

Grade: B

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  1. I've been needing a good calzone in my life...I just always get pizza from Gino's. I may need to stray a little next time. Thank you!


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