Charleston Edition: Jeff's Curbside

By Candace Nelson - 8:43 PM

Jeff’s Curbside

Jeff's Curbside
is a takeout restaurant located in North Charleston that also offers some delivery.

Jeff’s Curbside

I visited this restaurant a year or two ago when it was located on the East End in a shop. But now, they have a dedicated space and are open Monday through Saturday evenings.

Jeff’s Curbside

He is known for his cajun chicken pasta, which has received rave reviews across the internet. But one of my favorite dishes is meatloaf, and on Mondays, guess what his special is? Meatloaf.  

Jeff’s Curbside

The meal came with garlic bread, a small salad, and two sides. After a little bit of wait, I got my to-go bag and headed out the door - armoas of a hot, fresh meal filling my car. The garlic bread was fine, and the salad for me was a bit different with the fruit and onion together. 

Jeff’s Curbside

But the meatloaf - wow. It was super moist, full of onions and peppers to give it some flavor, and had a sweet tomato sauce on top, which is my favorite. The twice baked potato was like a special treat that I don't see often, and it was cheesy baked perfection. And the carrots were even delish - slightly sweet and a perfect balance to the rest of the meal. 

Grade: A

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