Morgantown Edition: Benji's Sunnyside Seafood Bar & Grill

By Candace Nelson - 8:13 AM


The University Ave/Stewart Street/Campus Drive corner in Morgantown has seen more businesses come and go than any other in recent memory.


Benji's Sunnyside Seafood Bar & Grill is different, though, I hope. The eatery has some unique menu options that you can't find just anywhere in town. 


For example, they are offering seafood boils, where you can pick the seasoning - cajun, old bay, lemon pepper, garlic butter, etc., that come with shrimp (and crawfish if you prefer), butter corn on the cob, red potatoes and sausage.


They also are offering "wagyu" burgers that can come topped with lump crab or pulled pork or bacon. Then there are quesadillas, sandwiches, fry baskets, mac & cheese bowls, street tacos, and more. It's a little all over the place, but one thing is for certain: They've infused Old Bay and Cajun flavoring all throughout the menu. 


The interior is basic. The table I sat at was kinda sticky. They have cheap seating, no real decor, but it's all about the location here. It's as close as campus as you can get, and tons of students walk directly in front of the spot daily on their way to and from their class and housing. 


I ordered a shrimp seafood boil, because I can really only think of one other place you can get one in town. After a bit of a wait, I received my treasure and dug in. I think there was maybe an inch of standing butter and garlic that enveloped all the goodies inside. This is a v messy meal, getting in there with your hands to peel the shrimp and soak in all the butter. This meal was pretty delish. A little refinement will go a long way.

Grade: B

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