Hurricane Edition: Baked - Craft Wings

By Candace Nelson - 8:53 PM

Baked Craft Wings

Baked - Craft Wings
in Hurricane has been a long time coming. The sign has been up for some time, but the "open" sign metaphorically finally turned on within the last couple weeks. 

Baked Craft Wings

Located in the Mid Valley Square area, the restaurant has plenty of parking and is sandwiched between other local favorites Whiskey Taco and Hiro. 

Baked Craft Wings

Baked - Craft Wings kind of reminds me of a quick-service restaurant you might find in a marketplace or student union. It has a simplistic, but industrial feel with just a few pieces of artwork and those trendy slat back side chairs that are everywhere now. 

Baked Craft Wings

The menu is very straightforward: wings, tenders, sandwiches and waffle fries. That's it. But they do mix it up with the sauces: buffalo, spicy buffalo, bbq, spicy bbq, garlic parmesan, buffalo parmesan, tangy gold, lemon pepper, mango habanero and sweet chili.

Baked Craft Wings

I went with a chicken sandwich - which was really just two tenders on bread with pickle - as well as waffle fries. I also ordered sides of garlic parmesan, baked sauce, sweet chili and tangy gold.

Baked Craft Wings

The chicken was on the well-done side, but that's better than the alternative. Their baked sauce is like a mayo/ketchup mix that was my favorite of the bunch. The others were pretty thin for a dipping sauce and instead probably make sense for a sauce on the wings. The waffle fries were OK - I actually wish they were crispier. Overall, not bad. Straightforward. If you're looking for a simple tender, this could be your place. 

Grade: B

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