Vienna Edition: I Don't Care Eatery and Spirits

By Candace Nelson - 6:44 PM

I don’t care eatery

You know when you ask someone where they want to go to dinner and they say "I Don't Care"? Well, one restaurant has capitalized on that.

I don’t care eatery

I Don't Care Eatery & Spirits in Vienna is like a painted cinderblock building without many windows. It's a bit odd at first. But, inside, it is a bit more inviting. The menu features salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps and a few dinners. On this day, they had a crab cake dinner special, so I took them up on it. The cakes themselves didn't have much crab, but I didn't mind the overall flavoring. The brussels on the side were soaking in an odd sweet brine. The baked potato would've been better if loaded. But, each individual part of the dinner was fine on its own.

I don’t care eatery

Grade: B

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