Gallipolis, OH Edition: Tuscany's

By Candace Nelson - 4:20 PM

Tuscany - Gallipolis

While I love all food and new food, Italian food has a special place in my heart - or tummy. It's comfort food - and is especially comforting in cold temperatures. 

Tuscany - Gallipolis

Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately - I've tried all the Italian restaurants nearby. But I was in the mood for a new place, so I ventured just across the border into Gallipolis, Ohio, to dine at Tuscany's.

Tuscany - Gallipolis

Tuscany's is a sister restaurant to Fratelli's in Barboursville. The branding is similar, and the menu items are similar, too. My goal was to find the richest, most indulgent dish, and I landed on the lobster and shrimp ravioli: ravioli stuffed with shrimp and lobster tail, blended with ricotta, romano, parmesan cheese, Italian herbs and spices, and topped with a blend of their creamy lobster bisque and their signature alfredo sauce.

Tuscany - Gallipolis

First, though, I had some simple breadsticks. They are pretty thing and just lightly dusted with parmesan. Not a ton of flavor, but something to whet your appetite. 

Tuscany - Gallipolis

Then, a simple salad was served. Some crunchy lettuce, slivers of red onion, tomatoes, a few croutons and a side of French dressing for me.

Tuscany - Gallipolis

Finally, that entree. It may not photograph beautifully, but it tastes great. The lobster meat gives a slight sweetness to a heavy, rich creamy sauce. It is all comfort in one bite. Some more herbs could have added some brightness, but the flavor was still great.

Grade: A

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