Parkersburg Edition: Cafe Blennerhassett

By Candace Nelson - 8:46 PM

Cafe Blennerhassett

The Blennerhassett is my favorite place to stay in Parkersburg. It's grand. It's historic. And, they have a pretty incredible restaurant. 

Cafe Blennerhassett

But they also have a tiny little cafe that, on my last visit, we stopped at before leaving town. 

Cafe Blennerhassett

The cafe really only offers some coffees, hot chocolate and pastries from the local McHappy's. I ordered a hot chocolate, which I think is always better when someone else makes it. And a blueberry muffin.

Cafe Blennerhassett

This made a cold, rainy drive home much better. Both were really simple, but both were still really tasty. Sometimes that's all you really for breakfast. 

Grade: B

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