Thomas Edition: Picnic in Thomas

By Candace Nelson - 8:04 PM

Picnic Tacos

Thomas has a handful of really great eateries, so I was excited to add yet another to my list: Picnic in Thomas - a takeout taco shop with a big lawn. 

Picnic Tacos

This spot is the last on the main stretch of town and shares a building with a lovely book store called Ghost Palace Books. 

Picnic Tacos

After placing an order outside at the walk-up window, my friend Sam and I actually went inside to warm up and check out the books. Once our order was ready, they let us know in the book store and handed us our orders there.

Picnic Tacos

I went with a carnitas taco, which was topped with avocado salsa, pickled slaw and queso fresco. Not only was it beautiful, but it was so tasty. It was creamy, funky, acidic and very flavorful. Refreshing but comforting - a difficult balance to strike. Next, I want to try the breakfast tacos! PS: Bring cash.

Picnic Tacos

Grade: A

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