00Bagel Brunch at 123 Pleasant Street

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

00bagel brunch
Morgantown has no shortage of great brunch places these days, but there's something to be said about a place that churns out homemade bagels on which to consume cheesy eggs, crisp bacon and smoked salmon.

00bagel brunch00Bagel, the homemade bagel company, has been hosting brunch on Sundays at 123 Pleasant Street for quite a while now, and I just recently had the opportunity to stop by. It's a rare thing for me to see 123 during the daylight but it's also pretty cool to see the old brick, the neat colored glass and plants surrounded the piano.

00bagel brunchWalk to the back, place your order (the menu changes weekly), pay and find a seat. I walked up toward the window so I could people-watch as I chowed down. I stopped at the bar to get a water. After just a moment, they delivered a picture perfect bagel.

00bagel brunchSo, I had ordered their 00Breakfast Bagel with bacon, egg and cheddar. If their specialty is bagels, I gotta let that show through, right?

00bagel brunchThis was piled high with thick-cut bacon, tons of oozing, melty cheddar and egg on an everything bagel. And, it was pretty damn good. These bagels are even better than I remember them, so I was very pleasantly surprised with my sandwich.

00bagel brunchGood proportions, the bagel had so much "everything" on it, that I'm pretty sure I had poppy seeds in my teeth for the rest of the day. But, I am not complaining. Worth it.

00bagel brunchThey have a lot of other cool options, too, especially if you're a bit adventurous. And, the next time I see a bagel + lox on the menu, I'm getting my butt there ASAP.

00bagel brunchHave you been? What's the best thing you've ordered?

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