Morgantown Edition: Feast to West Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 4:43 PM

Feast to WestA new adventure-themed restaurant has opened in Morgantown, filling the former Charlie's Grill/Aquarium space in Westover.

Feast to West

Feast to West Cafe displays a bright turquoise blue banner complete with a cast iron pan accent and with various whimsical features -- like compasses, clouds and arrows.

This standalone restaurant has the luxury of a sizable parking lot and an adjoining banquet room.

Feast to WestSo, I arrived early on their opening day for lunch. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was so excited to try it, I didn't want to wait another day -- but I did at least wait for the second meal of the day so they had a little time to get adjusted.

Feast to WestWalking in, the staff was friendly and eager to please. We were seated in a booth, and I took a moment to look around: It was a pretty busy opening day. The theme spread to the dining room with license plates on the wall. Black checkered tablecloths topped each dining space, and it was simply decorated otherwise.

Feast to West
The menu is large: The front features breakfast of all kinds - eggs Benedict, pancakes, interesting types of waffles. The other side features more lunch options like wraps, burgers, salads and poutine (!). 

Feast to West

We started off with a couple appetizers: Bourbon Bacon Balls, which were bourbon-glazed bacon and onions wrapped around Todd's famous meatballs. The flavor here was spot-on sweet and salty, and the meatballs that had the crispier bacon was really a good pairing.

Feast to West
We also ordered the poutine - fries smothered in beef gravy and Wisconsin cheese curds. I've had a good bit of poutine in my travels to both Montreal and Quebec City, and I have loved it. This was an OK rendition. I think the gravy was a bit too concentrated and the curds too melted. But, not sure there is anywhere else in town you can actually get poutine, so I appreciate the addition. 

Feast to West

For my entree, I ordered the "Don't Let Your Meat Loaf," which was homemade meatloaf with sweet and sour sauce, melted mozzarella and provolone cheese. I was surprised to see this served in a tortilla wrap. I knew it was a “handheld,” but I assumed it would be served on bread. Without the bread, it doesn’t get the same sort of starchy goodness that is what makes meatloaf sandwiches so good. So, the meatloaf itself was moist, flavorful. Sauce was tasty, but I wish there was more of it. And, I’d definitely go for thick slices of white bread for that classic I remember from my childhood.

Housemade chips on the side were a nice touch. They had just a little bit off heat, too.

And, because we went full out, I also ordered the “PB&J Waffle Tacos” for dessert. This is “taco waffles stuffed with ice cream, peanut butter, strawberry and blueberry toppings.” This was actually one large waffle that had peanut butter spread on the inside with some ice cream and strawberry and blueberry on top. The waffle was so thick, and it was folded, so I got more waffle than anything - but I ended up scooping some ice cream out so I could get a full taste. It’s pretty large, so I think it’s definitely one to share. It can get pretty dense with all the waffle and peanut butter, so a thinner waffle or more ice cream helps balance that out a bit. 

Feast to West

Service was a bit spotty, but no fatal flaws. And, it wasn’t too pricey considering how much we ordered. I think I need to try a few different things on the menu - the various waffles, like chicken & waffle, osso bucco waffle and pulled bacon waffle all sound super interesting. The menu is a bit all over the place, but I like that there are some things I’ve not seen before in town. Does it fill a huge void in town? That’s yet to be seen.

Grade: B

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