Morgantown Edition: Smoothie King

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Smoothie KingMorgantown is now home to a Smoothie King, a smoothie chain focused on health. Located in the retail area of University Park, Smoothie King has a drive-thru as well as a sit-down area in the space next to the gym.

From the beginning, founder Steve Kuhnau started blending for a purpose – solving his chronic food allergies. Handcrafted by our blendologists, every one of our Smoothies is still blended with a purpose – yours. Power a workout, lose weight or make food choices you feel good about with the right nutritious Smoothie for your goals and Healthy Rewards tailored just for you.
Smoothie KingI've never been to this chain before, so I was actually excited to see what it's about. Their smoothies are split into four categories: slim blends, wellness blends, fitness blends and take a break blends. There are a number of "enhancers" you can add ... much of which I glossed over in favor of something that just tastes good.

Smoothie KingSo I tried the "Berry Punch," which has "Strawberries, Raspberry Sorbet, Blueberry Juice Blend, Electrolyte Mix." I tried to pick the smoothie with the most natural ingredients that I was familiar with. No extra protein powders or other stuff here. And, this was actually really good. Cool, sweet, delicious. Not sure it's something I'd do on the regular, but maybe once in a while as a nice cool treat that doesn't make me feel tooo guilty.

It's a larger chain, but I believe it's the only location in West Virginia. Has anyone else been? What's your favorite smoothie?

Smoothie King

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