Morgantown Edition: Cheese Louise

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Cheese LouiseMorgantown is finally home to a grilled cheese restaurant.

Cheese LouiseOh. A grilled cheese restaurant, you ask? Yes, a grilled cheese restaurant. This is a sort of ~trend~ going on where restaurants elevate the classic grilled cheese sandwich with thick artisan bread, crazy ingredients and a cool, modern twist on a childhood favorite.

Cheese LouiseAnd, I am 100% in favor of this trend. I love all things cheese, and I love all things comfort food. And, I love being able to have an excuse to eat a grilled cheese as an adult. Now, if we could just make mac & cheeseries the next big trend... 

Cheese LouiseCheese Louise is located at the top of Willey Street next to Town Hill Tavern. Parking is a bit precarious here, so just be careful. The area is right in a bend, and the parking lot isn't wide. The restaurant has some window seating and a couple high-top tables. It's quite small, so I imagine most of the business is take-out.

There was just one person working - also the owner, I believe - so there was a bit of a wait before I could place my order at the counter because there was one couple in front of me. After he got their sandwiches started, he took my order.

The menu simply has one main item - the classic grilled cheese, made with American and muenster cheese on white or wheat. Then, you can add ingredients, like mushrooms, onion, pepperoni, fried egg, etc. This concept is a lot different from other grilled cheese restaurants I've been to - like Melt in Cleveland or The Grilled Cheeserie in Nashville - where they craft entire sandwich concepts with really creative ingredients. Like a lasagna grilled cheese or a pimento cheese and fried green tomato grilled cheese.

The most creative grilled cheese on this menu was the "buffalo chicken dip," which had shredded, buffalo-style chicken dip inside a classic grilled cheese. I went with that, as well as a cup of tomato soup, and a bottle of water ($3 for a bottle of water!).

Cheese LouiseAfter a few minutes, my sandwich was packaged and ready to go. The thick bread is lightly toasted, the cheese was nicely melted, and there was ample heaps of buffalo chicken between the slices. It was good. I wouldn't hate even more cheese. I liked the crunchy pickle on the side, too. The tomato soup was tasty - perfect for dipping a grilled cheese into. Usually I like my tomato soup creamy, but considering it was paired with the grilled cheese, it was all good.

Cheese LouiseMy good friend Vicki said the thick bread comes from Breadworks in Pittsburgh, and that Grandma's Gumbo (from Biloxi) is delicious. The "smashed pepperoni roll" also looked enticing and may be my next order.

It's simple, but it's tasty. I do wish there were more creative offerings. I can - in my limited skill set - make a pretty damn good grilled cheese, and could easily add in any of those toppings. But, I want to see some more comprehensive sandwich concepts. Not just a picking and choosing. I'd love to see something a little more. I hope that that may come in time.

Grade: B
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