Hurricane Edition: Books & Brews

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Books & BrewsIf you found a place that had unlimited books, coffee and beer, you'd never leave, right? Well, look no further than Hurricane, West Virginia.

Books & BrewsBooks & Brews specializes in ... wait for it... books and brews, as in coffee AND beer. The used book store and cafe sits on Main Street in Hurricane. The walls are lined with gently used, brightly colored books, and the counter in the back lists tons of different coffees available - broken down by beans, brewing methods, espresso, tea and other drinks. The space has nice lighting with a very cool vibe.

Books & BrewsThey have a solid craft beer menu that features local breweries, Bell's Brewery, Flying Mouse, Great Lakes, Founders, Oskar Blues and more. 

Books & BrewsSo, I ordered one of their specialty lattes - s'mores, as it was one of their top sellers of the moment. I also went ahead and ordered a snack so I could get a feel for the place. Most of the menu items have classic novel names. I ordered the grilled cheese sliders made up of provolone, mozzarella, swiss, and smoked gouda served on sourdough with a side of marinara.

Books & Brews

As I waited on my order, I found a spot on the long high table area. And, we busted out the game of "Guess Who." This game wasn't in my library as a child, so this may have been the first time playing it ever. I love that they have tons of games for children -- and adults -- to play in this cool space.

Books & BrewsMy latte was very good. They even gave me a little latte art. This ginormous cup was filled with a velvetty smooth, sweet latte that I had trouble finishing. It was super tasty, but I had had my fill of caffeine at that point. Delicious, though.

Books & BrewsThe sliders were also tasty. It's straight comfort food, so it's tough to mess up a grilled cheese and marinara. I think a little bit more buttery bread would put this into the "heaven" category. Still, good.

Books & BrewsSo, I'm super into this place. I think if I lived here, I would literally spend all my money on coffee and snacks. This is a great place to get some work done, have a beer, pick up a new book or even play a game with friends.

Books & BrewsMan, I wish I had something similar to this locally, because I would never leave.

Books & BrewsHave you been? What did you think?

Books & BrewsGrade: A
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