Flying Buck Distillery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Flying Buck DistilleryWest Virginia is working to brand "trails" that will bring in tourism - best food, craft beer, winery, and distillery trails. You give me a list - especially one revolving around those topics - and I'm all in.

Flying Buck DistilleryI've been trying to hit up distilleries/wineries as I've been out adventuring at restaurants. Recently, I went to the Eastern Panhandle and made a big loop so I could stop at Flying Buck Distillery in Augusta.

We are a farm based distillery based in the foot hills of the appalachian. Growing what we brew, we take pride in every product we create. We are dedicated to making quality, delicious, and one of a kind products for you to enjoy.
Flying Buck DistilleryI mapped it out, downloaded "offline" maps for the area since I knew I'd probably lose service and headed out. I messaged the folks through Facebook to get the exact address, and they were super responsive. My GPS announced I had reached my location, and I looked around to see a small, old shed with a black sign and yellow spray paint that said "Flying Buck Distillery" and beside that, "BBQ-Ribs." And, with that, I took up the dirt hill in my little car until I reached the top.

Flying Buck DistilleryTons of cars were parked around, a group of five or six men were standing off to the side. I assumed that meant that's where the moonshine was. I slid past them and inside. It was a bit like a boys club, so I was relieved to see the person working the register was a woman and offered me a taste of their moonshine. They had naughty oak moonshine, and the classic blue label in the small bottles available. They were sold out of the apple pie in a small jug.

Flying Buck DistilleryThe apple pie was good, but I kind of like the unflavored natural one so I can build my own drink around it! They also had some fresh greens and BBQ available for purchase. And, while I was there, they were doing construction to build a big kitchen, so it looks as though they plan to expand their food offerings. That's a pretty cool idea.

Flying Buck DistilleryJust as I was getting ready to leave, an older man showed me where the magic happens. They were having a good time, with country music blaring, everybody in cut-off shirts in the sunshine, and drinking moonshine. If you're here with a group - instead of just passing by - I'm sure it would be a really good time.

If you go, they're openThursday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can find them at 13841 Northwestern Pike Augusta WV 26704.

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