Elkins Edition: Gino's Pizza & Spaghetti House

By Candace Nelson - 9:03 PM

Ginos - Elkins

The Gino's in Elkins has eluded me for some time because whenever I go to this area, I have a huge list of locally owned restaurants I want to check out first. But I made time for Gino’s on a recent visit, and I’m glad I did.

Ginos - Elkins

I’ve mentioned before how many locations that have different owner/operators may have differences in what they offer. In this location, for example, they offer pepperoni bites, which instantly caught my eye.

Ginos - Elkins

But they also have baked manicotti, Italian sausage, ravioli, alfredo, jalapeno poppers and "deep dish" pizza - which I've never seen at other locations. I wish I could've tried everything on the menu that I hadn't seen before. 

Ginos - Elkins

But I went with these pepperoni bites - pepperoni rolled in small, bite-sized pinwheels, covered in garlic butter and parmesan. Dunk them in marinara sauce, and you have a really delicious bite. It's crispy, it's soft, it's cheesy, buttery, and a pop of brightness with the marinara. Poppable and so good.

Ginos - Elkins

Grade: A

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