Winfield Edition: Riverside Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 8:28 PM

Riverside Cafe

Riverside Cafe
is a bar and grill in Winfield that I think most. would consider a dive. Kinda dark, kinda loud, filled with locals. 

Riverside Cafe

I went with my friends Liz and Dwight; we pulled up these like Adirondack chairs that were more fun to lounge in than try to sit and eat. We were off in the newer section of the building, which was nicer, but loud and hard to get the attention of someone to serve us.

Riverside Cafe

But when we did, I ordered the Riverside Sampler with hot pepper cheeseballs, pretzels with beer cheese, and bang bang shrimp - which were really just breaded cocktail shrimp.

Riverside Cafe

I typically enjoy all these things individually, but they were pretty average individually. The shrimp were a bummer, and I typically like the cheese balls with a bit more heat. And the pretzels were fine - the beer cheese was average too. In general, I think the flavor could've been bumped up on all of these. But, not bad.
Grade: C

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