Morgantown Edition: Rio Jalisco

By Candace Nelson - 8:54 PM

Rio Jalisco

Morgantown is not lacking in exciting, new restaurants. They come in all kinds and flavors - pizza and Asian and milkshakes and Mexican. While in town a bit ago, I stopped at Rio Jalisco.

Rio Jalisco

The restaurant, located at the University Town Centre, is very similar to the other Mexican restaurants in town. There are a zillion menu options that are various combinations of tacos, burritos, fajitas, etc. You get complimentary chips & salsa. Add margaritas, and you have a solid college kid audience.

Rio Jalisco

That said, nothing was bad. The chips were crisp. The salsa had just a touch of heat and was super thin.

Rio Jalisco

Instead of arroz con pollo, I went with steak: rice, steak and cheese dip. I usually scan the menu for anything doused in cheese dip. But even cheese dip in this case couldn't save the chewy, gristly steak. Now, I don't expect super high end quality meal for the price, but I ended up with chewed up and spit out steak more often than not. 

Rio Jalisco

Grade: C

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