Parkersburg Edition: Napoli's - South Parkersburg

By Candace Nelson - 6:56 PM

Napolis - south parkersburg

is a local chain in the Mid-Ohio Valley area serving up pizza, pasta, sandwiches, subs and salads. 

Napolis - south parkersburg

I've visited most of these locations - except the South Parkersburg one. It's a fairly large space with wooden floors, tables, chairs. Traditional, but not old-fashioned.

Napolis - south parkersburg

Pasta was on my mind on this particular day - but when is it not. First, though, more carbs. Basic breadsticks. Not real flavoring here, but even boring bread is still bread. 

Napolis - south parkersburg

Six-cheese lasagna was calling to me. I have a soft spot for lasagna because it's one of my favorite dishes that my mom makes. As I get older, lasagna isn't as friendly to my tummy. But, sometimes I decide to brave it. Today was the day. I think it was oversauced, overcooked and still, satisfying. There are a lot of little things I would've liked to make this better, but I'm still always going to enjoy sauce, noodles, and cheese. So, was it unique or really delicious? No. Was it still kinda comforting and scratch that itch? Yes.

Napolis - south parkersburg

Grade: B

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