Morgantown Edition: Morgantown Art Bar

By Candace Nelson - 7:34 PM

Morgantown Art Bar

Morgantown has an ever-growing list of new businesses and restaurants to explore. I'm always playing catch-up! One of my most recent visits included a stop at Morgantown Art Bar. 

Morgantown Art Bar

Morgantown Art Bar combines music, art and food to create a cool space. "Founded in 2020, Morgantown Food Party is a shared-use commercial kitchen experience that gives talented cooks a licensed and certified food-safe facility to showcase their talents. Our community-orientated space was created for culinarians and artists to showcase their talents. MFP'S shared-use commercial kitchen enables Morgantown-area food entrepreneurs to craft and sell their goods from a licensed and certified food-safe facility. With an assortment of equipment and food prep gear, whether you’re a manufacturer, food truck operator, caterer, or hobbyist, we are ready to assist you in your entrepreneurial journey," reads the website.

Morgantown Art Bar

I stopped by and ordered brunch - some pierogies and a Cheeseburger In Paradise (American cheese, mayo, onion, lettuce, tomato). Pierogies were good and had a nice crisp from the frying (I love them all ways!). The burger was OK - wish the cheese had been melted to get that gooey factor and a little messy. But not bad. 

Morgantown Art Bar

Grade: B

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