Goodyear, AZ Edition: Cereal Killer Breakfast Burritos

By Candace Nelson - 8:57 PM

Cereal Killerz Breakfast Burritos

If I had to choose a favorite breakfast food, breakfast burritos would be in the top 5. And when you're in a big city - like Phoenix - you can enjoy the luxury of having breakfast burritos delivered right to your door.

Cereal Killerz Breakfast Burritos

Cereal Killerz offers breakfast foods, like bagel sandwiches, scrambled egg bowls and breakfast burritos. I ordered the Special K: Eggs, crispy bacon, shredded cheddar jack, tater tots, sauteed onions and secret spicy sauce rolled in a flour tortilla wrap. Served with hot sauce. Spicy way to start the day - plentiful, piping hot and delicious. I just had to down a few drinks with it.

Cereal Killerz Breakfast Burritos

Grade: B

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