South Charleston Edition: Husson's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 9:10 PM

Hussons - south Charleston

I think I may have an addiction to Husson's mini pizzas. Not necessarily because they're the best pizzas I've had... but because it's almost like purchasing a single slice because the mini pizzas are so small. So you can get a variety of different flavors - from General Tso's to Buffalo Chicken - with each mini pizza.

Hussons - south Charleston
Husson's Pizza is a local Charleston chain that features maybe a dozen or so different flavors in lots of variations: pizza, subs, wraps, calzones, pizza-dillas, and more. They deliver to just about every corner of the region, but truthfully I've only been to one or two locations - until this visit.

Hussons - south Charleston
The South Charleston location actually had some limited seating inside, and I picked up the following: a mini buffalo chicken pizza, a mini mushroom pizza and a Hawaiian calzone. I noticed this location is generous with the cheese on the pizza, which was delicious. The mushroom was good and an old standby for me. The buffalo chicken could've used some more zing and zip - and that's saying a lot considering I'm wimpy when it comes to spice. 

Hussons - south Charleston
The calzone was maybe my favorite of the bunch. The sweet, the salty with the pineapple and ham, just made for a tasty combo. And the tomato base is missing in the calzone, which I think is what is divisive about pineapple on pizza. This was just bread and cheese and sweet and salt. Tasty.

Grade: B

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