Man Edition: Man Dairy Bar

By Candace Nelson - 9:34 PM

Dairy Bar - Man

Did you know there's a town in West Virginia called Man? West Virginia is no stranger to funky town names, and Man certainly isn't the strangest. But I didn't visit just for the fun name. I also visited for the ice cream.

Dairy Bar - Man

The Man Dairy Bar serves up ice cream, hot dogs, burgers and other fare.

Dairy Bar - Man

Their version of a blizzard is an Arctic Swirl. I opted for a Reese one. I'm not a crazy peanut butter fan, but when mixed with vanilla ice cream, it makes it 10x better.

Dairy Bar - Man

I'm not sure how you couldn't enjoy chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. Cool, sweet and soul-soothing.

Dairy Bar - Man

Grade: A

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