Tucson, AZ Edition: Eegee's

By Candace Nelson - 7:56 PM


It's been quite some time since my last visit to Arizona, so I figured it would be good to sprinkle some of my dining experiences into my blog. Let's start with Eegees, which is a chain of 25 restaurants in the Tucson, Arizona, area. 


"Take it easy, have an eegee" is the frozen drink chain's slogan. So, what is an eegee? "Oh, you know… just the most craveable, silky smooth, icy treat around. It’s a true taste revolution jam-packed with juicy bits of fresh fruit in flavors so addicting they should come with a warning label. We’re not drooling, you are."


"Are you ready for the icy cold, silky smooth, fresh fruit packed deliciousness of eegee’s iconic frozen treat? Available in Lemon, Strawberry, Piña Colada, Skinny Berry and our Flavor of the Month, we’re pretty sure you’ve just been introduced to your new favorite craving."


I had to try the strawberry, which is like a smoothie frozen lemonade. So tasty, especially during a hot Arizona summer day.


They do also have grinders, subs, chicken tenders, salads and fries. The hot weather make me not quite as hungry, but I did want something salty/savory with my drink. I went with the "ORIGINAL RANCH FRIES" - savory crinkle cut fries topped with our famous ranch dressing and bacon bits.


I liked that these stayed crispy despite the ranch dressing. And bacon bits? Yes, please. Next time, I'll add cheese.

Grade: A

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