Indianapolis, IN Edition: Ripple Bagel & Deli

By Candace Nelson - 8:04 PM

Ripple Bagel Deli

Good bagel shops are few and far between in West Virginia, so I often seek them out while traveling. That's how I discovered Ripple Bagel & Deli.

Ripple Bagel Deli

The shop is known for its steamed bagel sandwiches, and it has a ton of options: 

apple, bialy, blueberry, everything, garlic, jalapeno, onion, plain, poppy, pumpernickel, raisin, sesame, salt, sunflower, sun-dried tomato, whole wheat, wrap, gluten-free
plain, chipotle, garlic herb, hummus, sriracha, spinach, strawberry, veggie
american, colby, feta, smoked gouda, pepperjack, provolone, smoked cheddar, swiss

Ripple Bagel Deli

I went with an altered LOXY LADY - SMOKED SALMON, veggie CREAM CHEESE, CAPERS on an onion bagel. I'm a sucker for a lox bagel. This had all my favorites in one sandwich. Delish.

Grade: A

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