Charleston Edition: Nellie’s Cookie Jar

By Candace Nelson - 10:11 PM

Nellie's Cookie Jar is a female-owned small business cookie shop in Charleston, West Virginia. "Made from scratch and baked to perfection, these 3-inch cookies are too good not to share," according to the website. I recently heard about this home business, so I placed an order online to check out all the cookies:

Nellie: The cookie that started it all! Bursting with semi-sweet chocolate chips, our take on this classic cookie will become a staple in your house too.

Vandalia: A dense and gooey chocolate cookie filled with peanut butter chips in every bite. Okie A rich and buttery cookie featuring oats, coconut, and chocolate chips.

Okie: A rich and buttery cookie featuring oats, coconut and chocolate chips.

Avonlea: Sugar cookie topped with a lovely buttercream, this cookie is light and sweet with a hint of almond.

Ninth East: A chocolate lover's dream of a chocolate cookie packed with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Seasonal: Spring Fling A light, chewy cookie bursting with fresh orange zest and white chocolate chips.
These are some really tasty cookies! You all know I'm not even a chocolate chip fan, but I could appreciate these. The seasonal one especially had me thinking summer. AND, while the actual cookies are absolutely delicious, I cannot understate how accommodating and kind the owner was during the ordering process. I had paid and picked a date to pick up my cookies, but my plans were thrown out the window when I hurt myself and was hospitalized. The owner was so patient with me and even hand-delivered them to my house after all the hubbub. That's just one of many reasons I love local businesses.

Grade: A

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