Mesa, AZ Edition: Bosa Donuts

By Candace Nelson - 7:24 PM

Bosa Donuts

"At BoSa Donuts, we’ve never believed in reinventing the wheel – or the donut – when it comes to creating the perfect donut. There’s a reason that donuts have been a time-honored tradition for more than two centuries, and BoSa Donuts is proud to carry on a sweet legacy by making the best donuts in Arizona. Skip the fancy donut shops and their disappointing, too-trendy donuts and stick with the classic donuts you’ve loved for years, perfectly made by BoSa Donuts. With more than 50 locations across the Valley, there’s always a BoSa Donuts near you. Plus, most of our locations are open seven days a week and 24 hours a day. You never know when a donut craving will hit, but thanks to BoSa Donuts, you have access to all your favorite donuts 24/7. Whether you’re in search of old-fashioned classics like apple fritters, chocolate cake, and glazed donuts or are hoping to discover the best vegan donuts in Arizona, you can count on finding exactly what you want at BoSa Donuts. In addition to donuts, you can also find a wide variety of baked goods, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, fresh fruit smoothies, hot and iced coffee, and boba tea."

Bosa Donuts

I took a quick trip through the drive-through to order some donuts for breakfast. Sidenote: I love that they have photos of the donuts to help you visualize what you're ordering.

Bosa Donuts

I went for a traditional, raised, glazed donut, as well as a blueberry cake donut – which is my favorite. The glazed donut is the soft, airy donut that is common.And this was a good one, though, I do wish that I had it warmer, so the glaze was smooth and not crackled. The cake donut, meanwhile, is more dense and has more substance, which is why I like it. It's like a hybrid between a muffin and a donut and a cake. It's a nice sweet treat paired with a cofee.

Bosa Donuts

Grade: B

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