Laveen, AZ Edition: Danzeisen Dairy

By Candace Nelson - 7:57 PM


"Danzeisen Dairy is a local, family run dairy with over 60 years dairy experience in Phoenix, Arizona. Our dairy is the first local dairy to offer glass bottles to grocers within the Arizona market – direct and fresh from a local dairy farm only 10 miles from downtown Phoenix. Danzeisen Dairy offers the freshest, best tasting milk direct from the farm to your local grocer," according to the website.


The milk is indeed delicious. I bought a small bottle of the strawberry milk and kept the glass bottle as a souvenir. But, when you go to their creamery, they offer milkshakes, ice cream, waffles, floats, smoothies, lemonades and more.


I went with the Salted Caramel Stack - Salted caramel flavored milkshake with salted caramel sauce, pretzel rods, Cracker Jacks®, Twix®, and whipped cream.


Think about what makes a good milkshake a good milkshake. It's that thick, full-fat deliciousness. And this shake had that, plus the silky smooth caramel and crunchy candy pieces. Doesn't get much better.


Grade: A

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