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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Honey, maple, odds & ends

Here's a photo dump of lots of West Virginia products I've been checking out lately:
   Two fat cousins

Two Fat Cousins - Homemade BBQ sauces in flavors like Apple Pie Moonshine, Kickin Mustard BBQ, Carolina Vinegar, Habanero Peach and Sweet Spiced Rum.

Bluegrass BBQ - Comes in original, blueberry and spicy

Tipsy Roo - Booze-infused BBQ sauces

Good Time Mixes - Based in Nitro, some dip mixes and even coffee

K2 Motor Sports - hot sauce<

Morris Chocolates - Based in Seth, they make all kinds of goodies

Just Wingin' It Sauce - Homemade hot sauce 

Teays Valley Biscuit Mix - Baking mixes for biscuits, cornbread, fudge, and tavern bread 

Bistro Soup Mix - Soup base from Charleston restaurant that can be the base for many meals

Odds ends Mountain folk coffee cave mountain soap

Cave Mountain Soap Co - We have an amazing product line that is made with only the highest quality ingredients that will leave skin nourished and pampered. Goat milk is a powerhouse when it comes to taking care of your skin. Goat milk is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin, E, Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Selenium and other Anti-oxidant rich properties. Fresh hand milked Goat Milk from here on the farm is the very first part of what makes our soap the best.

Maple tea

Hill & Holler Herbal Company - "Learning herbalism is a way for me to get back to my roots and connect to my ancestors, and I can't wait to share my culture's magic and history with you through my products! Every ingredient is 100% organic and sustainably sourced, with almost half of my ingredient list foraged or homegrown and all of my shop's packaging is reusable or 100% tree-free and home compostable (including the labels!) Thank you so much for supporting my dream and my heritage!"

Odds and ends

Rica's - Dip mixes 

Odds and ends

Yoder's Country Kettle - Apple butter, jams, chow chow, honey, pickled beets

Odds and ends

Lem's Meat Varnish - Small batch sauce and rubs

Odds and ends

Native Eats - hot sauces

Odds and ends

Duck's - "Don also known as "Duck" and his wife, Donna, originally experienced the unique taste of Marinated Green Tomatoes in Myrtle Beach. Many years ago they purchased them at a flea market and took them back to the motel and ate the whole jar! They were in love! Every year thereafter they went back looking for more, but were unable to find them again. So, out of desperation, they began the long process of creating their own from scratch. Canning and discarding recipe after recipe until finally coming up with their own Marinated Green Tomato recipe. Family and friends were guinea pigs! Ironically, recently while on a trip to Myrtle Beach they found those original tomatoes again. Imagine their delight. They bought them, took them back to the condo and opened them. They weren't even sealed!! Once they tasted them they couldn't believe how awful and bland they tasted compared to the Duck recipe. Guess their memories were distorted! Prejudiced? They don't think so. Don "Duck" and Donna Miller reside in Jackson County, West Virginia, where the Duck products are prepared. They love what they do and enjoy life immensely. Don has recently retired and has been in many "honey-do" projects, including designing and constructing a new recreation building, including a pool table, bar and dance floor for "Shagging" which they love, and a new "tomato" kitchen. Being people-oriented, they love festivals and all the people they have met and come to know. They are especially delighted that their son, Bruce, has become involved in the business, and helps with all phases - even the slicing and dicing! Kitchen time is also fun time dragging many of their friends and family members in."

Odds and ends

McCutcheon's Rub - For chicken, pork, beef and seafood

La Famiglia - "Our signature line of products including house White Balsamic Vinaigrette, Calabrian Hot Sauce, Imported EVOO, and Holiday Gift Ideas"

WV Veteran Produced - Jelly, honey, syrup

Larkin Tea Co - Loose leaf tea

Oliverio's - "Oliverio sauces are unique when compared to others on the market. They are a meal creation tool with endless possibilities, which create an abundant array of cooking delights. Our line is designed to be used as a cooking ingredient; to enhance your pasta, added to meats for a new dimension, or as a topping for sandwiches, pizza and dips. We use ingredients you would if you had the time. Oliverio's does it for you. They allow your cooking experiences to be fun, fast and flavorful. When you open a jar of your favorite Oliverio product, we feel confident that our products are going to add quality, flavor and convenience to anything you serve. By using the natural characteristics of the many special varieties of fresh peppers and vegetables, Oliverio's has created a signature line to which others cannot compare."

Odds and ends

Figarettis - Jars of sauce from the Wheeling restaurant 

Odds and ends

Woodbine Jams Jellies - A small batch company producing WV all natural jams and jellies such as red and black raspberry, wine jellies like elderberry and other fruit jellies

Odds ends

Sasseen - Famous house dressing

All Fired Up

All Fired Up

All Fired Up

New River Brands - Copperhead Bloody Mary Mix, as well as Blue Smoke Salsa, which has new flavors in combination with Chef Paul Smith - blueberry jalapeno, cherry chipotle, pineapple habanero

Up The Creek - Mustards and hot dog sauce

Andor Peppers

Andor Peppers - Small bath, fermented hot sauces and smoked spice mixes

Odds and ends

Sassy Gals - Dip mixes


Arbaugh Farms - Grass-fed beef, sorghum molasses, cornmeal

Cavalier & Mountain State Beef

Cavalier - Meat wholesaler

Cavalier & Mountain State Beef

Cavalier & Mountain State Beef

Mountain State Beef - Ground local beef

Cavalier & Mountain State Beef

Uncle Frankies - Marinara sauce

Wv products

Chefs Signature - Hot sauces and other condiments 
Hinerman Hill - granola, sourdough starter, poultry, salves and more 

SR Spices - spice blend manufacturer

Odds and ends

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