Charleston Edition: Tickers & Timbers

By Candace Nelson - 9:44 PM

Tickers & Timbers

Tickers & Timbers is like an adult Chuck E. Cheese. Based in Barboursville, the axe-throwing & escape room business recently expanded to Charleston.

Foxglove Bakery

My friend Beth and I went to check it out. I've done axe throwing before. And escape rooms. And a rage room. And a paint splatter room. But never a neon, black light painting experience.

Tickers & Timbers

So, we painted up a storm, which mostly ended up as a wet canvas that was just a mixture of all of the colors. But after work, we grabbed a meal.

Tickers & Timbers

The menu is pretty basic with sandwiches and pizza. So we went with a classic pepperoni pizza, and some bread and cheese sticks.

Tickers & Timbers

These were both fine. They were pretty tasty after working up a bit of a sweat, and they're satisfying when you work up a hunger. But overall, maybe a tad greasy and the crust didn't speak to me.

Tickers & Timbers

Grade: B

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