Fayetteville Edition: The Stache

By Candace Nelson - 8:46 PM

The Stache

Before it gets too cold, I gotta talk about one of my favorite foods once more: ice cream.

The Stache

The Stache has long been Fayetteville's resident go-to ice cream shop. However, they moved locations fairly recently so I thought it was due time to visit them again.

The Stache

They offer a variety of Hershey's ice cream flavors. The Blue Moon flavor tastes like "blue." and there is always a sorbet of some sort, which is nice and refreshing. on this particularly hot day, I went for lemon and strawberry sorbet.

The Stache

There is really nothing better than sitting on their deck, watching Fayetteville buzz about, and enjoying a super cold super sweet treat. The folks here are always kind, the treats are always delicious, and I appreciate the vibe they contribute to the community.

The Stache

Grade: A

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