Hico Edition: New River Exxon

By Candace Nelson - 9:56 PM

Sometimes, it's the gas stations in far off little corners of the state that serve the best food. I've had the New River Exxon in Hico on my to-try list for quite a while. So when I went to a new taproom in the area, I also swung by this gas station. And, they do have an actual little kitchen that cooks made-to-order food. There is even some seating if you would like to dine in. they offer breakfast foods, especially biscuits, and sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, salads, and more. I ultimately decided on a fried the bologna sandwich with just cheese, because I knew I would be having more food and drinks later on, and I wanted to make sure I had room for everything. But I did add a side of pasta salad, which I could never pass up. And, I met up with some friends who actually purchased some pepperoni roll flavored chips from the gas station. So, the sandwich was hot, comforting and straightforward. Simple flavors, but familiar ones that harken back to my childhood. It gave me a base for the days activities. The pasta salad was tasty; my favorite is when the rotini noodles are tightly wound. So you get a nice bite of pasta along with crunchy veggies in that tangy dressing. And then, rounding out my experience with the gas station was the pepperoni roll flavored chips from Mister Bees. I was really excited to see these, because, of course, pepperoni rolls. But also, I love new and different flavors. These reminded me of the greasy a cube pepperonis that you get on some French bread or other frozen pizzas. I can definitely get the pepperoni flavor here. There is a 304 flavor that I am dying to try so if you find it, let me know where. Grade: B

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