Oak Hill Edition: Hilltop Coffee

By Candace Nelson - 8:53 PM

Hilltop Coffee - Oak Hill

I love the Crab Orchard location of Hilltop Coffee, so I was excited to see them expand to Oak Hill. If you haven't read my experience at Crab Orchard, let me catch you up: beautiful, delicious, cool. Let's see if Oak Hill lives up to the standard that Crab Orchard has set.

Hilltop Coffee - Oak Hill

It's lovely inside - clean, sleek, modern - which is not always the norm in West Virginia. More often, I see country chic vibes or an amalgamation of decor. So I love seeing the vision.

Hilltop Coffee - Oak Hill

I ordered the "Butterscotch Blessing" frozen coffee drink. I love those rich almost burnt caramel-ly notes and it totally neutralized any bitterness that would have come through from the espresso. It was delicious, like every drink I've had from here. Now, they also have a mobile coffee truck that is next on my list to try!

Hilltop Coffee - Oak Hill

Grade: A

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