Hershey, PA Edition: Hershey - Lodge, Vineyards, Butterfly Atrium

By Candace Nelson - 10:27 PM

Hershey vineyards, atrium & bar

Here is my wrap-up of my trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania. I had bites and mostly drinks all over the property, and I wanted to share some odds and ends from the butterfly atrium and the vineyard.

Hershey vineyards, atrium & bar

While the butterfly atrium had a bar with a delicious fruity beer, the vineyards had a wide variety of wines, which, of course I opted for a sweet white.

Hershey vineyards, atrium & bar

you would probably think that most of the wines are sweet, considering we are at Hershey. But I definitely sampled some of the others and they do have some wines on the dry side, both white and red.

Hershey vineyards, atrium & bar

And, the lodge is not to be missed. Of course, it is where I stayed, but there are also a few different dining options.

Hershey vineyards, atrium & bar

At the lobby bar, I enjoyed this Hershey's chocolate caramel martini. Caramel vodka and chocolate liqueur combine to make this treat.

Hershey lodge, bar, vineyards

I don't think I'm a huge fan of dairy with booze in general. It's taking me some time to come around to boozy milkshakes, but I can't deny it is tasty.

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