Charleston Edition: The Noshery

By Candace Nelson - 8:56 PM

The Noshery

The Noshery is a food truck that sets up at Olin's Day & Night Market. It's a little outside my area, so I was excited to check it out.

The Noshery

Once I arrived and looked ove the menu, the item that stood out to me was the "Blue Creek Special," which said it was "a local favorite originating at Maynor's Market" with ham, pepperoni, hot peppeer cheese, onion, mild banana peppers and tomato.

The Noshery

Maynor's Market was apparently a beloved Elkview store that was important to the community. And this sandwich specifically seemed to be a local favorite. My favorite part of this sandwich was that it was buttered and grilled, so it gave the cheese that gooey texture. I wouldn't have minded something to lighten it up, because these flavors were a bit heavy and dense all together. But, tasty? Absolutely.

The Noshery

Grade: B

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