New Martinsville Edition: Bigfoot Hotdogs

By Candace Nelson - 9:07 PM

Big Foot Hot Dogs

Cryptids are pretty popular these days; Mothman turned from a terrifying monster to a friendly anti-hero we celebrate through merchandise, at festivals - and even at restaurants.

Big Foot Hot Dogs

Bigfoot Hotdogs, named after another cryptid, in New Martinsville serves up primarily a few hot dogs, but also friees, wings, onion rings, chicken tenders and sloppy joes.

Big Foot Hot Dogs

The restaurant portion itself is not very large; I assume the bar/gambling area brings in more money. But, I thought the tin ceiling and counter front were cool, and there was some fun merch. Overall, though, it's fairly simple and unassuming.

Big Foot Hot Dogs

I ordered a hot dog with chili, cheeese and onion. It's a hefty dog, but flavors were all pretty mild. I did, however, get some more flavor from those jalapeno poppers with raspberry dipping sauce. Love the play on spicy and sweet there.

Big Foot Hot Dogs

Grade: B

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