Fairmont Edition: The Groove Coffee Shop

By Candace Nelson - 8:44 PM

The Groove

I actually first heard of The Groove mobile coffee truck (at the Bridgeport Farmers Market) before knowing about their physical location. But when I found myself in Fairmont, I was sure to stop by The Groove to get a cup of joe.

The Groove

The coffee shop is fairly small but sweet, as is the menu: americano, latte, mocha and chai were the main options. Plus, they offer tea and other flavorings for the drinks.

The Groove

I opted for an iced caramel latte, which I fully enjoyed. It was sweet but with plenty of roasty flavors, and refreshing. I am not huge on bitter flavors, so this struck the right note with me.

The Groove

Next time, I hope to have some snacks.

The Groove

Grade: A

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