Kevbot Chocolate

By Candace Nelson - 9:14 PM


"Kevbot Chocolate is crafted from great cacao beans, and only a few ingredients. Our chocolate bars are handmade in West Virginia, from beans rigorously and transparently sourced in partnership with Uncommon Cacao."


How cool is that? I love that this chocolate and crafted in Alderson, West Virginia. It is made with both good practices and good ingredients. It is vegan and dark. I'll be honest, dark chocolate is not my preferred chocolate. But I did want to support the small business and check them out.


"Kevin - or Kevbot - believes in making chocolate work better for you, and for all those who help create it. Along the way he learned about Uncommon Cacao, and saw a partner in guaranteeing you know the impact of your chocolate. Kevbot Chocolate delivers a unique, delicious bean-to-bar chocolate experience straight to you - with care for all the lives it touches."


If you are into responsibly sourced foods, West Virginia, and dark chocolate, well, I know the perfect holiday gift for you.

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