Nashville, TN Edition: Bread & Company

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Bread & Company

When I was looking up iconic Nashville food, hot chicken was - of course - the most popular. But another popular Nashvillian food item was fruit tea. So, the South has sweet tea, but Nashville has fruit tea.

Bread & CompanyBread & Company is one of the places known for its fruit tea, which has orange, pineapple and lemonade. Other restaurants may add ginger ale or cinnamon, but those are the main components.

Bread & CompanyI walked up to the counter, ordered my drink, received my cup and walked over to the dispenser. It simply said "fruit tea." I didn't know if there was a certain kind of fruit? I dunno. But, fruit tea it was.

Fruit tea is good. I almost wish there was real fruit in there? But, it's sweet and refreshing and there is nothing bad about that. Is it something mindblowing? No, but I would order it again if I was in the area.

Grade: B
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Bread & Company

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