Nashville, TN Edition: Pancake Pantry

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Pancake Pantry
Pancake Pantry - in addition for being known to have Nashville's best pancakes - is notorious for long lines wrapping around the restaurant and out to the street corner. I fully expected no less than an hour wait.

Pancake PantryBut, when we arrived, I was pleased to see just a couple folks in front of us. We were seated within five minutes. Score! We were seated along the wall - close quarters with the folks nearby.

Pancake PantryThis restaurant has been around for more than 50 years, making fresh breakfast delights every day. It's not a huge space, and all the tables were just out in an open room. The servers were busy running back and forth and tending to the busy tables - every single one of them full.

Pancake PantryThe menu has everything from classic pancakes to ones with fruit to potato pancakes to Santa Fe cornmeal pancakes. Plus, if you're a heathen, you could get something that isn't a pancake - like omelettes, hash browns, etc.

Pancake PantrySo, I went for: Georgia Peach Pancakes Three tender, rolled pancakes each hold a dollop of sweet Georgia peach compote. Topped with more delicious compote, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.

Pancake PantryWell, I kept seeing Georgia peaches all over, and this one just sounded good. And, it was. The peaches were juicy, the compote and whipped cream were sweet - but I, of course, still topped it with syrup. These pancakes are thin, but light and just super good. I love the variety at this restaurant, and I'd love to try one of the more unique options next.

Grade: A
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