Nashville, TN Edition: Burger Up

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Burger Up

Burger Up is well known in Nashville for having one of best - if not THE best - burgers in town. The trendy burger joint had a line wrapped around the corner when we arrived. But, luckily, there were two seats at the bar that we snagged.

Burger UpThe restaurant is communal-style seating, which I'm noticing is kind of a trend in Nashville. But, we got the same sort of effect at the bar. And, oooof, did we.

Burger UpThe menu has a ton of amazing burgers that I wanted - like the Ramsey Pimento Cheese Burger (housemade pimento cheese, iceberg, tomato, pickles, red onion, truffle aioli, benton's bacon on jalapeno bun) or the Bison Burger (white cheddar, fried red onion and jalapenos, romaine, tomato and honey dijon aioli). But, alas, I went with the Black and Blue Burger (crumbled blue cheese, blackening seasoning, red onion and arugula). I had a ton of pimento cheese already on this trip, o I wanted to switch it up. I also got an order of the truffle fries.

Burger UpLet me just take one moment to pause and tell you about the woman dining next to me. It was just the most bizarre experience; I kept looking for hidden cameras. She was incredibly demanding - asking for about 30 paper napkins and another 10 cloth napkins. Asking for an entire pitcher of water so she can fill it up as she pleased. Changing her order with a different waiter. Sending the food back. Seeing a pickle on my plate and asking why she didn't get one. Taking the silverware and cutlery with her in her to-go box. It was just a trip. A memorable one. I felt bad for the servers.

Burger UpSo, the food - was phenomenal. The burger was cooked perfectly, and they have house ketchup and like a garlic sauce. Both super, super good. I love the bite from the blue cheese and the sweetness from the red onion. And those truffle fries were the stuff dreams are made of. My only complaint is that I can't get this exact burger in Morgantown.

Grade: A
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