Nashville, TN Edition: Tennessee Brew Works

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tennessee Brew Works
On my first attempt to visit Tennessee Brew Works, they were closed for a private event (I discovered after walking inside...and being told 'nah.'). So, my first impression wasn't the best.

Tennessee Brew WorksWe returned the following night to try our luck once again. Makeshift parking nearby was all taken up, and this large building was filled to the brim with people.

Tennessee Brew WorksI navigated my way through the crowd of people, past the band playing, to the bar to order a "Basil Ryeman," which is a farmhouse ale/saison with thai basil and rye malts. After getting my beer, I snaked my way upstairs to see if it was a) a bit quieter and b) any open place to sit. I finally spotted two empty seats near the end of a long table and made it our home.

Tennessee Brew WorksThis place was BUSY. And very loud. It's less of a tasting room and more of a bar. I tend to go for a bit more of an intimate vibe, so I can learn about the place and the beer. But, it wasn't bad. It wasn't particularly notable, to me. But I was able to leisurely sip on it, enjoying the malt-forward flavor and do a lot of people-watching. Some of which was very, very entertaining. Overall, not bad. Not my favorite. But not bad.

Tennessee Brew Works
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