Nashville, TN Edition: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Farmers Market - Jenis ice cream
When I plan a trip, food is priority (shocker, I know). And, as part of my food research, I usually look to see if they have a local market. The West Side Market in Cleveland and the Milwaukee Public Market are two of my favorites.

Farmers Market - Jenis ice creamThe Nashville Farmers' Market has lots of small produce vendors outside, plus some small indoor shops and a cool area called "Gardens of Babylon."

Farmers Market - Jenis ice creamFarmers Market - Jenis ice creamWe perused the outdoor vendors, contemplated buying a bushel of peaches and headed indoors to see what hot (or cold) food was available for purchase.

Farmers Market - Jenis ice creamFarmers Market - Jenis ice creamI was pleased to see Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at the market! Jeni's is in a few cities - with four locations in Nashville. Jeni's ice creams are smooth with a buttercream body.

Farmers Market - Jenis ice creamThere are so many flavors. I went with three scoops: birch & marshmallows, salty caramel and roasted strawberry buttermilk. The salty caramel had the deeper, sweet flavors, the birch & marshmallow just tasted like rootbeer with little bits of marshmallow, and the strawberry wasn't overly sweet - it almost tasted like fresh, without lots of added stuff.

Farmers Market - Jenis ice creamSo many cool, inventive, off-the-wall flavors, which makes this place a real gem. Ice cream can't get lower than an A from me. It's just the best. Especially salty caramel ice cream.

Grade: A
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