Nashville, TN Edition: Steadfast Coffee

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Steadfast coffee

There are few things in life better than a nice, relaxing coffee shop. The environment, the nice little perk from the cup of java and just the all-around general vibe. It's a place to hang out, get some work done and just enjoy your community. When I went into Steadfast, I instantly felt all of this.

Steadfast coffee

It was vibrant, filled with folks on laptops and a center bar surrounded by cool hanging lights and sleek lines. Looking over the menu, I wasn't sure WHAT to get. Brittany quickly suggested the "coffee soda," aka my new best friend. Need a perk? Need it in a refreshing way?

Steadfast coffee

A flash-chilled coffee base, with demerara and citric acid added to stabilize and preserve the aromatics. The beverage is then carbonated and served with a fresh orange peel, which combine to give your senses a burst of effervescence and brightness.
Steadfast coffee
The barista gave me a quick sample. And, I was instantly hooked. It tastes like coffee and a carbonated lemonade had a baby. It's perfect for that little caffeine perk you get from coffee while also being super refreshing - which was much needed on that hot day.
Steadfast coffeeSteadfast coffee

Grade: A
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