Nashville, TN Edition: Crema

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

CremaOK, I discovered my love for "coffee soda" at Steadfast Coffee, but it was furthered here at Crema.

CremaCrema is THE local coffee shop in Nashville, known for its dedication to trusted farmers and focus on the coffee bean.

"We relationally source coffee from farmers we know and trust. They are our friends, fellow coffee fanatics, trusted partners in the unfathomably complex story of coffee going from the plant to your cup. Our calling, then, is to honor our farmers and friends by paying them well, roasting their coffee in a way that honors its history and nuance, and serving the coffee with gratitude, acknowledging our place in this family of coffee."
CremaThis shop has a clean, sleek vibe with a minimalist feel. White walls with some art, wooden accents and perfectly placed product make for an ultra hip space.

CremaSo, I ordered a coffee soda - a cold, carbonated coffee drink with just a touch of orange. Super refreshing, just a tiny bit sweet - and the perfect pick-me-up on a hot morning. Or afternoon.

CremaAnd, I also opted for a muffin - good, but clearly their focus is on the coffee here. And, I'm OK with that. Brittany chose an avocado toast, which I had a bite of - not bad.

CremaCrema is a super cool place to get a cup, sit back, and enjoy Nashville.

Grade: A
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