Charleston Edition: Pacific International Market - Tasties Shawarmas, Gyros & Kababs

By Candace Nelson - 9:57 PM

Pacific international - Tasties Schwarma

Pacific International Market is a specialty foods store that has all sorts of Persian, Indian, Asian, Arabian, and African products. They also prepare some hot made-to-order food items, like kebabs, shawarmas and gyros. I ordered a chicken shawarma and hummus, which were both "Tastie" - get it? Hummus is pureed chickpeas, which can read a little bland to me unless it's super punched up with garlic. This could've gone with 10 more cloves for my liking. I liked the shawarma, which was like grilled in this case. And I'm really weird about like warm lettuce, so I would have preferred if it was fresh and raw. And again, if it was drenched in garlic sauce.

Pacific international - Tasties Schwarma
Grade: B

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