Wayne Edition: Rocky Tops Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 8:36 PM

Rocky Tops - Wayne

Rocky Tops Pizza is a Wayne-based restaurant with additional locations in Barboursville and Kenova.

"Rocky Tops Pizza was established by the Akers family in Kenova in 1991. The small take-out pizza joint would quickly become a favorite in Wayne County. Today there are four locations serving up pizza with a thin, chewy crust and cheese sticks with a sweet dipping sauce," according to the newspaper.

Rocky Tops - Wayne

I ordered the pepperoni rolls, which come with a sweet marinara sauce. An order came with eight small ball-sized pepperoni rolls that were in the shape of a knot.

Rocky Tops - Wayne

These were a bit on the too-dark side for me. It dried them out too much, and the herbs and spices of the pepperoni weren't able to shine through.

China King - Wayne

Grade: C

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