Huntington Edition: Rio Grande on 5th Avenue

By Candace Nelson - 9:45 PM

Rio Grande on 5th

I think I've been to about 100 Rio Grande restaurants in my lifetime so let's add one more in Huntington. I kid, but it is a pretty common name for Mexican-American restaurants, and I distinguish this Rio Grande by noting that it is on 5th Avenue.

Rio Grande on 5th

I placed a take-out order for lunch, which included chips and salsa, and the enchiladas suizas, which came with grilled chicken, tomatillo sauce and queso.

Rio Grande on 5th

It wasn't really a looker of a plate, but that could be in part because it was to go. it seemed pretty on par with other Mexican-American restaurants in the region. Salsa was thin, but I enjoyed the flavor, even though it could use a bit more spice. The texture of the enchiladas in the sauce left something to be desired, but they were full of grilled chicken that was seasoned well and it's hard to beat the cheese dip.

Rio Grande on 5th

Grade: B

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